About us

A timeline of
'The Old Bakery'
Bawdens Ltd.

From the 1900's...

The bakery has been in the village since Edwardian times, in the height of the busy mining era. As well as the Callington railway station being across the road until 1966, famously taking Tamar Valley produce direct to London. Many local items were then sold in Covent Garden by stall holders. The bakery was the first stop for weary travellers… the first taste of home if you like!

After World War 1, the bakery was run by Harry & Melbourne and in turn, Michael Pearce. Famously known nationally for their traditional Cornish delights, especially the bright yellow Saffron loaves and buns (as seen on Rick Stein’s Guide to the food hero’s of Britain). In 2007 the bakery was closed for business and purchased by Lord Jason Samuel Greenaway, ready for future residential development. In 2017 the bakery was then purchased by Lord Greenaway’s second cousin, Lee Bawden and his partner, Julie Cawse.

... To The Modern Day!

After 4 years of extensive
refurbishment from private investment, the Edwardian traditional architecture along with all its features have been brought back to their former glory, out of the clutches of possible future development. The Old Bakery has come into the 21st Century under new ownership, showing the importance of retaining its traditional identity in this modern world. The aim is to give customers a snapshot into our Cornish ancestry, whilst integrating new, modern services such as a takeaway hatch, online national ordering and an app to pre-order. 

Our business aim is to expose as many people to the taste of what delights have been made and loved within our Cornish nation for hundreds of years. The same recipes that are unique to our Cornish, mining, fishing and farming communities through time!

Welcome to Bawden's The old bakery.